Olla Ball


This Is an Olla ball. 

It is an unglazed terra-cotta sphere. So when it's full of water it sweats/leaching outward. 

Keep them full of water and underground next to the plants roots. The root attaches on to the Olla taking the water they need.

It is an emitter, that is buried underground  near a plant's root system. It’s a useful way to water and feed your plants with low maintenance for the gardener. It also saves on water wasting, as the plant only takes what it needs.

Top soil is rarely wet therefore, cutting down on weeds and unwanted insect population.

The reservoir is hooked up to a water supply line. The Olla Balls are buried. Olla Balls use gravity fed water from your reservoir or your rain water harvesting barrel there is no need for timers, or valves.

The Olla Balls are buried in the ground, and you simply plant above it. Olla balls work on a gravity principle to where water travels by gravity to the Olla balls which stay full until the soil draws water from the ball therefore delivering moisture to the plant root system.

Being in the business of horticulture for 30 years and irrigation for over 25 years this is definitely the best way to irrigate your landscape!

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